Samsung Galaxy O series of smartphones is Coming ... Break youselfs

Last year, we exclusively reported about the existence of Galaxy AGalaxy E, andGalaxy J series of smartphones from Samsung. Now, we have information regarding an new series of smartphones from the South Korean smartphone giant.
According to the exclusive information that we’ve received recently, the company is currently working on two new smartphones, the SM-G550 and the SM-G600, and they’ll be released under the Galaxy O series. The SM-G550 will most probably be named Galaxy O5, while the SM-G600 will be named Galaxy O7. Currently, we don’t have any further information about these devices, be it regarding their specifications  or the time frame of their possible announcement.
Starting late 2014, Samsung started improving their smartphone nomenclature by grouping all its new launches under new series named after alphabets. We hoped that Samsung would tidy up its smartphone lineup and control the number of smartphones that it releases each year, but it doesn’t appear to be so. After the announcement of the Galaxy O series, Samsung would have 6 series of smartphones, Galaxy J, Galaxy E, Galaxy A, Galaxy O, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note, which is still too much for consumers to handle.
Let’s hope that the Galaxy O series comes with a new design as it would be easier for consumers to remember and differentiate them from other smartphones made by Samsung.

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